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Clearwater Beach Ratepayers' Association Meeting Minutes

DATE: Wednesday, July 15th, 2020

ATTENDANCE: Dave Fleming, Dana Karnis, Jill Jenkins, Marianne Clayton, Tracey Cairns.

Regrets: Ruth Barber.


A meeting of the Executive of the Clearwater Beach Ratepayers’ Association was held

virtually through Zoom. Dana Karnis was in the chair and Marianne Clayton was recording

secretary. The meeting was called to order at 7 p.m.


Treasurer Jill Jenkins submitted the 2019/20 Year-End Financial Statement. She noted

that the cash balance as of July 31, 2020, is $3,629.03. The picnic insurance was $670.68,

and the director's insurance was $339.12 for a total of $1009.80. Jill has negotiated with

the insurance company that our rate for 2020 will be reduced to $750 because of the

cancellation of the picnic. With the cost of insurance and the FOCA membership fee still

to be deducted and the new membership fees to be added, the bank account will be in

the range of $2,500.


Stephanie Barber did a wonderful job on the spring newsletter and many compliments

have been received.


(a) Because of COVID-19 the 2020 CBRA Picnic has been cancelled. Marygrove has been

closed for this season as well. An alternative suggestion came in from a member that

Toanche Park be used instead. After a discussion, the Board decided this would not

work citing “insurance liability” as the main reason.

(b) Golf. Tracy Cairns suggested a golf tournament be held on the September long

weekend. An e-blast will be sent out inviting the membership, but this tournament

will not be a CBRA sanctioned event. Tracey Cairns and Peggy Breckenridge will co-

ordinate this tournament.

(c) Garage Sale: The garage sale that was scheduled for Canada Day was also cancelled

because of COVID-19.


As there will be no picnic it was decided that the membership fee for 2020/21 be

reduced to $10 per residence from the usual $30. An e-blast went out informing the membership of the cancellation of the picnic and of the new fee structure with

directions to mail or e-transfer to the Treasurer. Dana Karnis and Tracey Cairns collected

membership fees at a roadside information desk in front of the Karnis residence on

Canada Day that received 15 member fees.


Dana Karnis has been in touch with the Sawlog Bay Beach Association and they have

regrouped with a new committee and are looking forward to joining the CBRA in

organizing next year’s picnic.


The AGM will be held virtually via Zoom on the September long weekend (Saturday,

September 5, 2020). Dana Karnis will investigate the procedures and the number of

people allowed on free-Zoom.


New canvassing volunteers are needed. Dana Karnis will ask Stephanie Barber if she and

her cousins could help. Volunteers are required for Section 1 (1301 – 1499) and Section

2 (1507 – 1609). Tracey Cairns has volunteered for Section 3 (1610 – 1701) and

Marianne Clayton will do Section 4 (1705 – 1769). Sunday, August 2 is the

recommended date for canvassing as more people are at the cottage/home. Jill will

update the membership list that will indicate who has paid and Marianne will rewrite

the “Notes for Canvassers” and “Sorry we missed you” note. Dana will print enough

copies of the newsletter for the people with no e-mails.


The main goal for next year is to have more members pay their dues and to emphasize

that the picnic is for everyone to gather and visit with neighbours and friends.


The meeting adjourned at 7:40 p.m.

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