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Clearwater Pioneers Book Review

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Book Review By Stephanie Barber

July 1st 2018, author and long-time Clearwater Beach cottager, Wayne Yetman, will launch his highly anticipated book, Clearwater Pioneers Early Cottaging on Clearwater Beach. With only 45 copies of the original printing available, this compelling read is certain to become a touchstone in the rich and storied history of the Beach.

“The book is a collection of written portraits of the earliest adventurers who built their cottages on Clearwater Beach in the late 1940s and early 1950s,” states Yetman. “The stories are told by the original pioneers or their adult children. These are the real words of our forbearers, describing the harrowing, and often dangerous, challenges of venturing into the wilderness years ago. Bears, snakes, collapsing roofs, and portaging absolutely everything in by water, the earliest cottagers persevered against incredible obstacles. They set the stage for the easy life we lead today.”

In addition to the hardships faced by its real life protagonists, the book also reports on the early joys as well. We read about the “Secret Garden”, “The Big Rock”, the generosity of neighbours in a time of crisis, the raucous social life of a much less constrained era, and the infamous “Big Swim.”

Yetman’s fascinating true story showcases his deft ability to capture the incomparable characters who brought spirit, soul and a little bit of legend to the shores of Georgian Bay, and translates into a entertaining and fast-paced history lesson you won’t soon forget.

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