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Early Ratepayers Meeting

A Day On Georgian Bay

Clearwater Beach Association President, Dana Karnis is hosting a pre-season Ratepayers Meeting on Sunday, May 19th 2019 at 10:30AM. Be sure to check out the details, agenda and notes below.

Clearwater Beach Ratepayers Association Meeting Agenda

10:30AM Sunday, May 19th 2019 Karnis’ Cottage (1663 Champlain Road)

Call to order

Financial Report

Picnic Saturday, Aug 31, 2019

Need to confirm job duties

New Business

New clubs – Game night, Riding Club, Golf Club

Discuss New Website, Newsletter, Facebook

Next meeting 10:30 am June 30, 2019


Notes for CBRA Canvassers

1. Canvassing responsibilities by section are as follows:

Section Address Range # of Residences Canvasser

1 1301 - 1499 (44)

2 1507 – 1609 (37) Sam Sapiano

3 1610 - 1701 (32) Sue Montgomery

4 1705 - 1769 (31) Marianne Clayton

2. Be sure to visit each residence (both sides of Champlain Road) in your section.

3. At each residence:

a. Collect membership fees of $30.00 from each residence. Fees cover:

i. Full admission for the entire family to the Annual Picnic;

ii. Annual membership in the Federation of Ontario Cottagers Associations


iii. Liability insurance;

iv. An electronic copy (hard copy optional) of the membership directory;


v. Notification of issues of importance to property owners on Clearwater


b. Ask for:

i. An update of the information on your listing;

ii. Volunteers for the Board, or to help out with the picnic; and,

iii. An e-mail address so we can contact members electronically.

c. Remind everyone of:

i. the Annual Picnic at Camp Marygrove at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, August

31, 2019;

ii. The Annual General Meeting which will be held at 11:30 a.m.;

iii. The Fishing Contest; and,

iv. The Cookie Contest.

d. Leave:

i. a copy of the Newsletter/Flyer; and,

ii. A copy of the Directory if they ask (we have a limited number of hard

copies; electronic copies are available if they’ll give us an e-mail address).

e. If no one is home leave a “Sorry we missed you” slip and envelope.

4. Please return your list, money and any leftover materials to:

Dana Karnis 1663 Champlain Road, Phone 705-549-5885.

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