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Savouring Community Spirit: Introducing "Clearwater Beach Blend" Coffee

This year, the Clearwater Beach Ratepayers’ Association is brewing up something special to bring the community together and raise essential funds. With great excitement, we announce the launch of our very own "Clearwater Beach Blend" coffee, a delightful, locally sourced, high-quality medium roast that pairs perfectly with a serene Georgian Bay morning. This unique coffee blend is a tribute to the beloved cottage community's charm and spirit.

The association has set an ambitious goal to raise $1,000 with this initiative. Every sip of "Clearwater Beach Blend" will contribute to maintaining and enhancing the vibrant, safe, and sustainable environment that Clearwater Beach residents cherish. But the coffee isn’t the only star of this campaign. The Association is also tapping into the rich vein of creativity that flows through Clearwater Beach by inviting local artists to submit their original artworks. The winning piece will become the face of this year's coffee bag label, adding an extra layer of community pride to every purchase.

The “Coffee Committee,” comprised of members from the Association’s Executive Board, will have the challenging task of reviewing all submissions and selecting the artwork that best represents the spirit of Clearwater Beach. The winner will be unveiled on Monday, June 24th, and their creation will be proudly displayed on every bag of "Clearwater Beach Blend" sold this year.

Original artwork can be submitted as a painting, collage, drawing, or photograph and must capture the heart and spirit of our Clearwater Beach cottage community. Send your artwork (PDF file) by Friday, June 21st, 2024, to Tracey Cairns at Multiple submissions are welcome.

Dana Karnis, President of the Clearwater Beach Ratepayer’s Association, is enthusiastic about this new venture. “As an association, we are always looking for innovative ways to bring our community together while also raising funds to support our ongoing efforts to foster a vibrant, safe, and sustainable environment for current and future generations to enjoy,” says Karnis. “Our beach has always embodied a unique blend of natural beauty and vibrant community spirit, and we feel that we have not only captured that in our coffee but in encouraging our residents to be part of the creative process. To think that their artwork could be on display in cottages along the beach all summer is something very special and a testament to the creativity and camaraderie that thrives on our little stretch of Georgian Bay,” she adds.

Coffee lovers and community supporters can pre-order their "Clearwater Beach Blend" for $20.00. To secure your bag of this special brew, contact Tracey Caines at Not only will you enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, but you’ll also be supporting a worthy cause and celebrating the talents and spirit of the Clearwater Beach community.

This initiative promises to be a heartwarming success, blending a love for coffee with the pride of a united community. Join us in celebrating Clearwater Beach, one cup at a time.

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